Nicolas Bijan

2016 Speakers

Nicolas Bijan
House of Bijan

Nicolas Bijan is the son of the late world renowned fashion designer Bijan Pakzad and namesake of the House of Bijan. The storied brand was founded in 1976 by his father and forty years later, is known as one of the most expensive and exclusive brands in the world. The Bijan brand is a recognizable mark of incomparable quality and style; creating limited edition menswear, jewelry, accessories, and fragrances. Heads of State, Royal Families, and Captains of Industry account for some of the Bijan brand’s loyal clientele. Nicolas inherited his father’s passion and awareness of the global reach of the brand. Having been mentored by his late father for several years in all aspects of design and operations he is continuing to ensure that the House of Bijan remains a fixture in the luxury market as well as working on expanding the brand into new markets.