Marlene Nang

2016 Speakers

Marlene Nang
KBZ Group of Companies

Ms Nang Kham Noung (Marlene) is the Executive Director of the KBZ Group, Executive Director of KBZ Bank, Chairman of IKBZ Insurance, Chairman of KBZ Gateway and Alternate Chairman of KBZ Stirling Coleman Securities. In 2008, she co-founded the award winning ‘KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation,’ which is Myanmar’s leading philanthropic organization. She is responsible for the family’s investments and business development unit, Co-Chair of KBZ Women’s Initiatives, Co-founder of i3 Lounge (KBZ’s business incubator) and a member of Myanmar Women’s Entrepreneur Association.

Educated in Singapore, Qatar and London, she holds a BSFS International Economics degree from Georgetown University and MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management degree from Imperial College, London.