The Next Tycoons

Family businesses are an important part of the global economy, particularly in Asia where family-led enterprises are key drivers of the region’s economic success. A distinctive feature that sets family businesses apart from others is their focus on long term vision; and often, the aspiration that the business will continue to be run by future generations. Grooming successful next generation leaders is therefore of paramount importance, to protect and preserve the longevity of the family business legacy. The 3rd edition of Forbes Asia Forum: The Next Tycoons will uncover and highlight some of Asia’s brightest next generation stars. The forum will focus on some of the professional and personal challenges faced by next generation tycoons as they take on the responsibility of running and sustaining a family business. How do they balance tradition with innovation? For others who prefer to follow their own calling in life, what are the challenges they face as they follow their passion? The forum will also examine the influence of family values on building and managing successful family-owned businesses.


Delegate attendance at the Forbes Asia Forum: The Next Tycoons is by invitation only. The forum participation fee of US$2,000 includes the costs of all forum sessions, social events organized as part of the forum agenda and forum documentation. Fee does not include travel and accommodation costs.